Prepping for Chromebook Returns!

Seniors will return their Chromebooks May 5th -8th

Underclassman will return Chromebooks May 15th-18th

**Students Returning your Chromebook**

Students must return:

1. Chromebook

2. Power Supply (Charger)

3. Sleeve/Case

Students must return Chromebooks, power supply (charger) and sleeves at the end of the school year, or when transferring out of a school. 

Chromebooks MUST BE IN:

1. Good working order

2. Free from physical damage (No Physical Damage)

If you are missing any part of the Chromebook package, you will be assessed (charged for) replacement fees for the items at the following rates:

1. Chromebook = $300.75

2. Power Supply (Charger) = $45.00

3. Sleeve/Case = $18.00

If any of the items are physically damaged, you may be assessed (charged for) a repair or total replacement fee if not covered by existing warranties.